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Financial Accounting

Basis for business success

and uncomplicated

The basis of a company’s economic success includes many factors, one of which is a well-executed, timely accounting system. We prepare the financial accounts of our clients in a fast, competent an uncomplicated manner.

Highly efficient financial accounting for your company.

Highly efficient Financial Accounting

Our financial accounting services include all activities from assigning/coding transactions to an account using electronic data processing systems up to retrieving reports and performing controls regarding the profitability of the business.

Thanks to the latest web technology, it is also possible for us to structure the exchange of documents between us and our clients more efficiently.

You no longer need to collect, sort and physically move your documents to our office. It is sufficient if you scan these and send them to us via our online portal. This way you always have all of the original documents within your company and we can still prepare the bookkeeping for you in time.

Of course, you can also simply send your documents to us in the usual way.

For every client
the right solution

Different companies need different solutions. That is why the scale of accounting services needs to suit your company and the relevant type of income determination (accrual basis, cash basis etc.). The special requirements of your company, in compliance with the legal guidelines, of course, form the basis for the respective solution.

If you do not wish to fully outsource your accounting department, there is also an option to split the processes. Upon request we will carry out only a part of your accounting processes or perform a regular review of your monthly reporting. We are happy to advise you when selecting suitable accounting software that is compatible with our systems so that data can be exchanged conveniently via interfaces.

Benefits to you

Timing is no longer a factor in digital document exchange. It is possible to transfer documents from around the world at all times, 365 days a year.

You will still have an overview of your data and can retrieve individual reports at any time from the online portal.

You keep your original documents. The digital documents will be archived in the  ADDISON system. Even if the original document is lost, you will always have a digital copy available.

Our software provides modules that can be used without lengthy familiarisation time for immediate, productive work – with individual customisation options for all areas:

  • whether it is “just” the digital inbox and therefore secure messages and document exchange
  • or the tested cash book and/or additional registration books.


We will also provide comprehensive reporting packages when taking on your accounting services.

The individually tailored reporting packages include an overview of the development of your income and expenditure. Your budgeted figures can be displayed too, target/actual variance analyses can be carried out and cost accounting reports/project reports can be prepared.

Our finance reports can provide you with constant current company data, together with what are known as drill-down functionalities so that you can analyze your company data down to the individual posting record.

Our range of service

  • Full service: Comprehensive preparation of bookkeeping including accounting, electronic data processing, preparation of monthly reports, application of defined controls, preparation of VAT tax returns etc.
  • Defined service: Preparation of preassigned documents or transfer of business transactions data from the client’s accounting system, preparation of monthly reports and application of defined controls
  • Fixed asset accounting
  • Cost accounting (e.g. Branch transactions, cost center / project reporting)
  • Preparation of prospective financial statements followed by budget vs. actual comparisons
  • Set up, maintenance and advice on bookkeeping in the client’s office on site
  • digital provision of analyses via our client portal or, on request, via app solutions, e.g. ‘mobile report’ from ADDISON OneClick

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