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Payroll processing

Everything about wages and payroll accounting

Payroll processing

Payroll processing encompasses a broad spectrum of tax legislation as well as labor law and social security guidelines.
We take care of almost all tasks and formalities regarding wages and payroll accounting for our clients.
Our payroll processing services include monthly wage and payroll accounting, timely notifications to social insurance agencies and certificates for authorities. Our team ensures reliable payroll processing, fast reports and professional handling of all tasks associated with wage accounting.

Innovative Tools

Thanks to our secure online portal, our clients are able to transfer personnel master data, wage data and staff times to our team easily. Client data will be checked for plausibility, if necessary be corrected and be processed. Using this automized data transfer will ensure that no important information is lost and data is transferred correctly.

Of course, you can also transfer your data in the usual way.

Benefits to you

  • Data security thanks to the latest communication technology and highly secure SSL encryption
  • Simple data transfer: Efficient registration and automatic transfer directly to our office software is enabled
  • Higher speed and data consistency
  • Salaryslip and report options corresponding to your wishes and taylored to your needs


Minimise the administrative effort involved in distributing or sending payslips, avoid queries from employees due to misplaced documents, because with ADDISON OneClick all payroll-relevant documents for employees are permanently stored online in their personal employee portals and can be accessed there at any time, whether at home on the PC or mobile via the smartphone (‘Payroll Folder’ app).

Our range
of services

  • Preparation of wage and payroll statements as well as management of wage accounts (including wage accounting for the construction industry)
  • ADDISON OneClick
  • Preparation and electronic transfer of payroll tax returns
  • Preparation of registrations as well as respective cancellations for social security tax authorities
  • Preparation and electronic transfer of social security tax returns
  • Preparation of applications for continued payment of wages in the event of sickness or maternity with the respective social security tax authorities
  • Preparation of certificates/reports for employment agencies and workers compensation boards
  • Archive and storage of data records corresponding to legal retention periods
  • Assistance in case of wage tax and social security tax audits
  • Advice on optimal structure of wage and salary payments

Of course, we offer services according to your individual needs. In case of any questions, please contact us.

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